January 18, 2021

26 Subject Lines That Will Make Them Click On Your Guest Post Pitch Email

Written by Purushottam Kiri


In the age of social media, it's all about who you know. For bloggers and small business owners, networking is key to success. And no one likes being "ghosted" by someone they've made an effort to connect with.

But when it comes to pitching your blog post or small business idea, you don't want to be ignored either. That's why subject lines that are both catchy and compelling can help make sure your pitch doesn't get lost in the mix of emails that flood inboxes every day.

In this article we'll share 26 subject lines that will make them click on your guest post pitch email—and make sure they don't miss out on what you have to say!

Getting customers to open your email can be tricky.

Here are some subject lines that will get them to click.

a. "Your Content Sucks"

b. "The Top Ten Ways I'm Whooping You"

c. "I've Been Hacked"

d. "I'm Moving on to Better Things"

e."Let's Break Up"

f. "I'm Just Trying to Help"

g."I Need an Opinion"

h. "Too Busy, Too Hungry, Too Lazy"

i. "What's Your Excuse?"

j."I'm Out of Stock"

k. "Mission Possible: Impossible"

l. "I'm in Love with You"

m."You're Hired!"

n."I'm So Sorry"

o. "You Can't Get Rid of Me..."

p."I'm a Genius"

q. "It's Your Fault"

r."I've Got a Secret"

s."Get Ready for the Biggest Announcement Yet"

t. "I'm Unstoppable"

u. "How to Make Your Marketing Work for You"

v."See What I Mean?"

w."I'm Just Saying..."

x."The Return of the King"

y."It's a Secret"

z. "I'm Sorry, I Was Busy at the Moment"

Written by Purushottam Kiri

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