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20 Websites For Publishing Articles

There is no doubt that the popularity of articles has been increasing over the years. In fact, it is even hard to find a website that does not have an article. However, the truth is that not all websites that have an article are popular. 

A successful article takes a lot of time and effort. It is not just about typing your content and publishing it on the internet. It needs creativity and a lot of know-how. 

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That is why many people are turning to Content Writing services. Blogging has become a business and there are thousands of people who earn huge amounts of money through this business.

Key Benefits of Article Submission Sites

  • Your article will be seen by thousands of people each day, and you will get some backlinks.
  • You can create trust in your brand and build your reputation.
  • You can build a steady flow of traffic through your article submissions and receive quality back links to your blog or website.
  • You can submit your articles to directories that allow back linking and avoid being penalized by Google Panda or Penguin updates.

How to select a suitable site for getting your article published?

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the right blogging platform. Here are things that you need to consider before selecting the best platform for your article:

 A well reputed site:

They have a good reputation and have been established for a long time. They have a lot of clients and authors who continuously submit their articles to them on a daily basis. They check their articles and ensure that they are unique and interesting. You can rely on them for getting your articles published.

Knowing about the high DA and PA:

Nowadays, many people are using article writing sites to promote their business. If you are looking for high DA and PA backlinks for your blog or website, then article submission sites are the best source for doing that. You can also use these article submission sites to get links for your social media profiles and business promotion links.

When you submit articles on the article submission sites, you will be able to get a lot of traffic to your website. Article submission sites have a high page rank. The SEO experts have introduced them as a powerful way to get backlinks and traffic in a short period of time. One more thing is that it helps in building up link equity quickly and easily.

The only things that you need are:

• A high-quality content.

• An interesting title

• A proper description of the content.

• A good headline

• Relevant keywords

They are paying sites:

That means you will get paid for your articles. You can be paid for each article you submit to the site. Check the payment terms and other details before submitting your articles to any site.


The second thing that you need to take into consideration is how easy and friendly the interface of your chosen blogging platform is. The best option would be to go for a platform that is beginner-friendly, so that you can learn how to use it without any hassles.

They accept all kinds of articles:

You can submit articles on any topic of your interest. The sites will also accept articles from amateur writers, as long as they are unique and interesting. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional writer or an amateur writer. You can still submit your articles on these sites.

The sites accept articles in a variety of formats such as text, audio, video and photos. If you have special skills in writing any kind of content in a particular format, then submit them to the sites.

They allow multiple submissions:

You can submit as many articles as you wish to these sites without worrying about rejection or acceptance. As long as they are unique and interesting they will be accepted by the sites. Some sites allow you to submit articles from different categories too. 

The sites also allow you to withdraw your submission anytime before their review process is completed. The withdrawal process takes a few minutes depending on the site policy.

Here’s The List Of The Best Websites For Publishing Article

Best Websites For Article PublicationCategoriesDRDA
Shopify.comShopping, Retail Industry, 
Business and Finance
Deviantart.comHobbies & Interests, Arts and Crafts,
Games, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Convinceandconvert.comSocial media, Content marketing,
Digital marketing
Aao.orgMedical, Nursing, Health8580
Invespcro.comeCommerce, Business, Marketing8566
Grassdesk.comTechnology, Travel, Home Improvement,
Real Estate, Education, Games, Shopping,
Astrology, Health, Business
Webdesignerdepot.comWeb Design and Development8385 pollution, Environment, Climate change,
Business, Carbon, Biodiversity
Ebn.bmj.comMedical, Nursing7791
Promo.comVideo Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Small Business Practise Tools, Optimization for small businesses, Original content creation, Social media tools6956
Empireflippers.comEntrepreneurship, Business, Marketing6652
Creately.comVisual collaboration , Visual project management, Business, Data visualization, Design thinking6473
Visualcommerce.home.blogeCommerce, Marketing, Social Media5991
Financesonline.comMarketing, Finance2970
Proprofs.comEducation, E-learning, eCommerce, Customer Support, Leadership7284
Demio.comSEO, Marketing, Leadership, Email Marketing, Content Marketing6354
Blog.resellerclub.comWeb Design, Cloud Hosting architecture, Load balancing, Use cases, In-depth research, Benchmarks, Branding, Social media analysis6646
Mapsofindia.comPolitics, Sports, Business, Social Issues, Book6065 is the online portal of Economic Times Newspaper Limited (ETPL). This website is ranked as number one in the Automobiles category in India. It is a leading publisher of business and economic news, market reports, company reviews, stock market quotes, stock market trading, etc. 

Their coverage includes national and international news, business, financial services, industries and markets, real estate, technology, media and entertainment, and much more.

How to Submit Your Article:

Users can submit their articles and videos through the portal by joining their portal. The portal accepts articles on almost all topics covering the Automobiles sector. Submitting articles to is easy and only takes a few minutes. is the leading e-commerce solution for entrepreneurs who want to start an online store. It offers the best e-commerce experience and the fastest 24/7 support. is a Canadian company that started in 2006 and is based in Ottawa, Ontario. Their coverage includes Shopping, Retail Industry,  Business, and Finance.

How to Submit Your Article:

Fill the form and submit your article. is the largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation of art.

They cover Hobbies & Interests, Arts and Crafts, Games, Fantasy, Science Fiction articles.

How to Submit Your Article:

Go to your Dashboard. Click on “My Stuff” in the upper-right hand corner, then click “Manage Content”. Then click on “Submit Content”. To add an image attachment, click the “Choose File” button. Then click on “Submit” after adding all your content and image attachments. is a digital marketing blog that offers articles in the main categories of social media, content marketing, and digital marketing.

How to Submit Your Article:

To submit your article visit is a free online newspaper for education-related topics. It publishes content relating to the latest news in education and useful tips for teachers and students. The website features blog posts on education, interactive forums, education articles, advice columns and much more.

How to Submit Your Article:

The website allows you to submit your article, and also gives you an option to request for an editor to review your submission. You can submit your article by using the form on their contact page. is a site that helps medical students and doctors to improve their skills. They provide resources and information related to various topics. These topics include medical, nursing, health, and more. is a very good site for those people who want to become a doctor or want to improve their skills in this subject.

How to Submit Your Article:

To submit an article, you must have to follow the instructions given by the site. You can also contact them via their write for us page. is a site for investors and entrepreneurs. is a platform for investors to promote their company and for entrepreneurs to find funding. 

A website for small business owners, investors, freelancers, and professionals. You will get free online space to publish your articles on the topics eCommerce, Business, Marketing.

How to Submit Your Article:

The site has a large user base of investors and entrepreneurs that you can target with your articles and make them aware of your business.

Send an email to is one of the best websites to publish articles, share your knowledge, and get paid for it. 

It is a new website which is growing very rapidly in terms of visitors and articles. The good thing about Grassdesk is that you are getting paid for submitting articles on time.

How to Submit Your Article:

Fill the form and submit your article. is one of the best websites for publishing your article on web designing and development topics. The website consists of a wide range of articles related to web designing and development. This site is really a good place to get your article published.

How to Submit Your Article:

You can log in using your Google account and submit your article directly. is a source of information about Kent University and its research. Kent is a world-class research-led university, with an international reputation for the quality of its academic research.

How to Submit Your Article:

You can submit your article to by email ( is a website for publishing Medical, Nursing articles. It’s one of the oldest and largest websites on the internet for publishing articles. is Published by BMJ Group.

How to Submit Your Article:

Visit to Register and Submit your article. is a social media advertising network. It is a platform for brands and publishers where brands can promote their products and publishers can create original content and get paid for it.

How to Submit Your Article:

Go to the site on “Write for us” and submit your article. provides the best articles on the topics like entrepreneurship, business, marketing, and affiliate marketing. They also provide the best tools to start your own business.

How to Submit Your Article:

Go to the site and click on the “Write For Us” link, then fill the form and submit the article. is a platform for creating, sharing and collaborating documents online. Make flowcharts, wireframes, mockups, UML diagrams, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Software Architecture, Business Analysis, Product Management, Business Strategy.

How to Submit Your Article: Submit guest post form. is a blog and online magazine for online marketing professionals and eCommerce sellers.

How to Submit Your Article:

If you want to submit your article or blog post to us, then you can write the article or blog post with Title and Description. Then you can send mail on is a global media company that produces news, research and analysis, investment tools and the Datamonitor daily newsletter.

How to Submit Your Article:

Fill out this form and submit it: is a site where you can publish your articles. is a global educational content marketplace for students, professionals and institutions. 

It connects learners to educational content from around the world in a format that works for them. Proprofs serves over 1 billion page views and over 30 million users per month with its library of premium content.

How to Submit Your Article:

To submit your article, fill out the article submission form. is a one-stop platform for your articles on SEO, Marketing, Leadership, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing. If you have any creative ideas or know something that can help someone, you can use Demio to express your thoughts.

How to Submit Your Article:

You can submit an article on Demio by filling out a form. They will review your submission and they will respond to you with more information. is an independent blog for reseller club. It provides a lot of information about the reseller club and its customers. It contains a lot of information about cloud hosting architecture, load balancing, use cases, in-depth research, benchmarks, branding, social media analysis, and other important topics related to the web hosting industry.

How to Submit Your Article:

Fill up the form and submit your article. is a leading site for the latest happenings in India. The website is known for its high-quality articles. The website includes news, politics articles, sports-related articles, book reviews, and many more. The website has its headquarters in Delhi, India.

How to Submit Your Article:

Fill out the form given on the website’s Write for us page.

Bottom Line

Publishing articles online is the best way to increase website traffic and earn money at the same time. 

Using the above-mentioned sites you can submit your article, get better search engine rankings and earn money from Adsense ads. Using these sites you can build your own article directory and get paid for submitted articles.

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